Bed Bugs in Montclair

Bed Bugs in MontcairIn you are worried about bed bugs in Montclair there is a good chance you have read the recent news about them popping up at Montclair High school, more recently at the Clairidge Cinemas.  Unfortunately bed bugs can find their way pretty much to any public place that they can get comfortable in.  People mistakenly associate bed bugs with being dirty or other misconceptions of class or status.  The problem is people that have them sometimes don’t realize they have them until they have carried them to a public place.

The fact is,  bed bugs in Montclair are not rare at all, they can be found in the most expensive hotels and resorts.  KRB Pest Control specializes in bed bugs in Montclair.  We have been serving the Montclair area for over 20 years and have established ourselves as a pest control company that you trust to get rid of your bed bugs in Montclair.  We also offer a free 34 point inspection of your home for pests of ll kinds. Call us today to schedule an appointment.