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If given a choice, few people would include feeding blood-sucking parasites as among their favorite nighttime activities. When an infestation of bed bugs arises, however, the option of avoiding falling prey to the rapidly-reproducing pests goes out the window.

Blood loss isn’t the only concern with bed bugs as they can cause a host of health issues, including rashes, body-wide inflammation and allergic reactions, and psychological issues due to the uncomfortable sensations they evoke. Fortunately, experts can rapidly inspect and treat your home for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Control

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Bed Bug Exterminator in New Jersey

Bed Bug Removal

Due to the wide number of aggravating and potentially dangerous health problems that bed bugs can cause in your home, it's wise to enlist trained help to exterminate them rather than trying to go it alone. At KRB Pest Control, we utilize advanced technology to inspect your home for bed bugs and identify all of the hot spots that are in need of treatment.

Once the inspection is complete, our team of experts will build a strategic plan to treat each hot spot with the right amount of insecticide to stop the infestation in its tracks and prevent it from coming back. Knowing how much and what kind of treatment to use is a factor of experience that our technicians can offer for any degree of infestation.


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Bed Bug Treatment Cost

While it may be more expensive in the short term to hire professional pest removal services, the price buys immediate peace of mind for you and your family – and ensures you won’t be facing a recurring infestation or accidental poisoning by attempting to fight the bed begs yourself.

As with all of our treatment services, KRB Pest Control offers a full guarantee, meaning if the pests come back, your money will too.

Call the experts in bed bug removal at KRB Pest Control and get started in reclaiming your living space today.

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