Rodent Control

Are you sick of all those mice wandering around your homes? Wondering how you can use effective rodent control methods to get rid of these pests? Well if you are, then read on to see how you can use the following methods for rat removal and mouse removal.

Rodent Exterminator

The following are some of the ways in which you can get rid of mice easily. These include:


Exclusion Methods for Rodent Removal

It is important to seal all the cracks and gaps in your home or workspace to effectively get rid of any sort of mice.  These pesky rodents can easily get into cracks which are even as small as ¼ inch. It is therefore extremely necessary to seal off each gap or space painstakingly until your home is completely sealed.

This can be done by using the following

•    Galvanized metal sheets
•    Hardware cloth
•    Capping pipes
•    Cables with metal caps

All these can effectively seal your home and make mouse control and rodent control pretty easy.

Did you know?

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Mouse Trapping and Rat Trapping

Trapping is an effective method for rodent control. These traps may include the usual wooden traps or there are more advanced traps like live rodent traps. The main reason why most people prefer mice trapping as a method is that they know the exact place where the rodent has died. This way you can stop that ugly smell from permeating your home or workspace. It also reduces the chances of any bacterial infection which might spread as a result of the dead rodent lying about for a long period of time. The following are some of the ways in which trapping can be made more effective:

•    Using baits. Since most rodents keep away from mouse traps or rat traps they need to be alerted of a new food source. Once the start regularly eating off the source, it can then be placed inside bait which will easily lure the mouse or rat and kill it.

•    Also make sure to place the baits in the usually runway of the mice and rats. Since these rodents hardly deviate from a set path it’s important to place a bait in the trap in the usual place which they frequent.

 Rodent Poison

There are quite a number of poisonous baits available in the market. These include:

•    Ready to use anticoagulants
•    Bait stations which have a small space to keep the bait
•    Repellents. However repellents prove to be ineffective once the mice get used to the smell of it.

Safety Measures

Keep the following things in mind when dealing with a rodent infestation

•    Make sure to wear safety gloves when cleaning rat carcasses or rat droppings
•    Always disinfect the traps before storing them for further use.
•    Always wash your hands after using any sort of poisonous bait.

Mouse trapping and rat trapping are best performed by a professional. Give KRB Pest Control a call today if you’re in need of rodent control!